Committee members dumped

FOR more than 30 years Albert Lobley has been a voice for Blacktown’s many sports clubs and associations. But last week the council unceremoniously dumped him.

As a member of Blacktown Council’s sport and recreation advisory committee since 1988, and its predecessor since 1981, he advocated for community sports associations and helped secure funding and resources.

Late last month Mr Lobley, 79, was surprised to learn he had been ditched without an explanation.

‘‘I’m not so upset with them giving me the bum’s rush but the way they did it didn’t make me very happy,’’ he said.

‘‘I went to a turnout on Saturday night and told someone I’m on the sports advisory committee and they said ‘not any more you’re not’.

‘‘Then I got a letter from the mayor letting me know.’’

 Mr Lobley wasn’t the only long-serving member of a council advisory committee to be discarded last month.

Ken Bailey was axed from the access advisory subcommittee despite many years of experience as a volunteer and advocate for people with disabilities.

Former Labor councillor Kathie Collins did not have her membership was not reappointed to the Aboriginal advisory or sports and recreation committees renewed.

There were others.

Labor councillors accused Liberal mayor Len Robinson of cutting people with links to the Labor majority  that ruled for more than 20 years.

The mayor told the council meeting all members were chosen on their merits.

He did not respond to the Sun’s questions about the committees.

He then added: ‘‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing. 

‘‘Every year for the last five elections I asked the mayor of the day not to put me on the Planning and Development Committee because I’d have a conflict of interest with many things and every year I was put on that committee.’’

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