Keeping up with the Singhs

Move over Smith and Jones. 

The Singhs have overtaken the Smiths to become the most common surname in Blacktown.

Other popular surnames in Blacktown include Jones and Kumar.

Social researcher and demographer Mark McCrindle, of McCrindle Research, said Indian and Asian immigration to the area had caused a change in cultural diversity and surnames.

"For a couple of decades now it [Blacktown] has been a place for people to come to from the subcontinent," Mr McCrindle said.

"The reasons for that is housing affordability."

"People from India are keen to own their own home."

"It will also draw more people because of the food and clothing options run by people of Indian culture."

Smith and Jones still reign supreme in the nation's White Pages, but, according to Mr McCrindle, Blacktown is setting the trend for what will follow across the country.

"Blacktown is an early trends indicator for settlement patterns right across our capital cities," he said. "We are going to see other parts of those capital cities with those Indian surnames making it into the top 20 in years ahead."

Kuldip Singh migrated from India to Australia in 1972 and has lived in Blacktown since 1999. He said Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh Temple) at Glenwood was a contributing factor to the popularity of the surname.

"Everybody's middle name is Singh," he said. "But some people use their family name. My name is Kuldip Singh Deo but on legal documents like my passport, my name is Kuldip Singh."

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