Riverstone residents angry as illegal dumping of waste goes on

Residents are furious with Blacktown Council for failing to stop a contractor turning their leafy suburb into a regional demolition waste dump in Riverstone.

Many have complained to several councillors but up until today trucks were still dumping waste material at the corner of  Hamilton and Victoria streets.

The dump has been in operation for more than six months.

Many residents contacted by the Sun declined to be named or photographed at the dump site out of concern for their safety.

‘‘We have supplied photos and information of the operation to the council and cannot understand why it cannot stop the illegal operation,’’ one said.

Another who published his concerns on Facebook, also asked not to be named or to identify his group.

‘‘Just say I belong to a Riverstone community group,’’ he said.

One of the councillors who was contacted by residents, Alan Pendleton, said he had sent the supplied information to the council for action and was confident the matter would eventually be resolved.

A council spokeswoman said in June this year the council had served emergency orders on the contractor, ordering him to cease the unlawful activity and remove the dumped material from the site but these had been ignored.

‘‘Following his non-compliance, the council is seeking an order from the Land and Environment Court,’’ she said.

‘‘Council has also sought the assistance of WorkCover NSW and the NSW Environment Protection Authority to stop the activity and is awaiting their advice.

‘‘Council officers continue to monitor the site for evidence gathering to support court action as it has no legislative authority to physically restrain the activity.

‘‘If the court agrees with the council’s position on the illegality, then enforcement action will be immediately undertaken on its orders.’’

The matter is expected to go before court this week. 

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