Husic claims Turnbull broke election promise on NBN

Internet users in Woodcroft and Doonside have long suffered either slow dial-up connections or the most expensive fees on the market for WiFi or cable.

After a community campaigned for the National Broadband Network, the former government planned for the network to reach the area over the next 12 months.

Local MP Ed Husic said in Parliament last week that the Abbott government had broken an election promise to uphold that rollout plan. 

‘‘When the government announced their updated maps for their NBN rollout plan a few weeks ago, one of the mostly poorly served broadband network areas, Woodcroft, was completely dropped off the revised figures,’’ he said.

‘‘The member for Wentworth (Malcolm Turnbull) went to the election claiming that every construction contract would be honoured but he never had the courage or the decency to say that he was going to alter that commitment. 

‘‘He said he would only honour contracts where the build instruction had been issued, thereby robbing residents of Woodcroft and Doonside.’’ 

A spokesman for Mr Turnbull said construction of the NBN had not yet started in Woodcroft or Doonside, and so the government had not broken a promise.

‘‘The Labor government created a metric called ‘premises where construction is commenced or completed’ to create the impression that there was much more activity than was in fact the case,’’ he said.

‘‘This metric was thoroughly misleading because the natural and ordinary meaning of the phrase ‘construction commenced’ is that actual physical work is underway in the field.’’

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