Student leaders: Schofields Public School

Each week the Sun meets with our local school leaders. This week we meet the leaders of Schofields Public School, who's motto is 'Success Through Community'.

1. What is unique about you school?

Abbey Caller: We’re all about community.

Dylan Mitchell:  It’s not just the teachers it's the community. Everyone has a role to play. Everyone is accepted and no one is left out. 

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Abbey Caller: I'm thinking of going into politics. 

Dylan Mitchell: A professional baseballer.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Abbey Caller: Its important because it shows that someone has a lot of care for the school. 

Dylan Mitchell: The children and teachers vote you in to be a school leader. Shows that they respect you and you respect them back. 

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Abbey Caller: Soft drink in the bubblers. 

Dylan Mitchell: Bring pets to school.

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