Play it safe at party time say police

Blacktown police have called on residents to ensure their New Year’s Eve parties are trouble-free.

Detective Inspector Paul Tickner, crime manager at Blacktown local area command, said resident should carefully plan their celebrations to ensure a happy night for everyone.

“If you take steps to minimise incidents you will have a safe and memorable night,” Inspector Tickner said.

“This is not just advice for those intending to have New Year’s Eve parties.

‘‘During the summer months many people have parties, barbecues and picnics and socialise in general.

‘‘This also applies to them.”

• Talk to your local police about registering your party or head to

• Get a Safe Party Pack from Crime Prevention Officer, Senior Constable Raney Elahmadieh.

• Send out written invitations only, not via text message, Facebook or email.

• Make sure all valuables at your home are secure and not on display for opportunistic thieves.

• Talk to your neighbours about any party plans.

• Lock up your pets as loud noises and fireworks might frighten them.

• Ensure your event venue is not overcrowded.

• Consider the ages of guests attending for the unlawful consumption of alcohol.

• Limit entry/exit points to one position to prevent unwanted persons from accessing the event and to monitor invited guests.

• Consider noise levels from the event and request guests leave the event quietly to avoid any disturbance to neighbours.

• As the occupier you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests and the level of noise.

• Have emergency numbers handy.

Police have the powers to issue a noise abatement direction (enforced for 28 days), infringement notice ($200) or obtain a warrant to seize property or equipment.

For details on party planning and registering your party go to the safe party strategy link at

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