Ed Husic opposes Badgerys Creek airport

Chifley MP Ed Husic says the Abbott Government is trying try to deceive the people of western Sydney on its plans for a second international airport at Badgerys Creek.

“Twelve months ago Tony Abbott told Western Sydney he had ‘absolutely no plans’ for a second airport at Badgerys Creek, yet five months after winning an election, it looks like that is exactly what is about to happen,” Mr Husic said.

“It is clear the PM and the coalition have lied to western Sydney and now refuse to provide detail about what is being proposed, causing unnecessary concern and confusion.

 ''I have maintained an unwavering position against an airport at Badgerys Creek for 15 years.

 “The argument that airport capacity challenges through Mascot can be solved through a 24 hour operation at Badgerys Creek simply doesn’t wash.

“For starters, why it is fair for an 11pm until 6am curfew to be in place for Mascot to protect the eastern, northern and southern suburbs when any airport at Badgerys Creek would operate around the clock?

“If the government is going to impose this airport on western Sydney, it must order a fresh Environmental Impact Study, as the region has changed markedly since the last EIS.

 “There must be detailed discussion and consultation with the community on any proposal for an airport the equivalent size of Brisbane’s and to date this has not happened.

 “The government is reportedly on the verge of ramming this idea through without justification and decent dialogue with those it will affect.

 “I want to know what the infrastructure spend is going to be to significantly upgrade the road and rail links to any airport at Badgerys Creek to ensure local residents wouldn’t be subjected to even more congestion and commuter delay.

 “I remain firmly of the view this airport will adversely affect the quality of life of the people of western Sydney and I won’t be changing my position until I - and more importantly my constituents - are totally convinced it is in their best interests.''

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