Tips for effective study

YES, study is important to pass your exams but it's more important to study effectively.

The NSW Board of Studies website NSW Students Online is designed specifically for year 12 students.

It features plenty of useful tips about how to study and what to do for your Higher School Certificate exams.

Here are some of the NSW Students Online tips for effective study:

■ Study in a quiet environment.

■ Break down big tasks into smaller manageable chunks so that you're not so overwhelmed.

■ Use a variety of study techniques, such as reading, writing, diagrams, questions-and-answers, note-taking, summarising and essay formats which all help you prepare for the different types of questions that you will get in the exam.

Trying different study techniques can help you find out what works best for you.

■ If you don't feel well prepared, don't worry about what you can't change but focus your energies on what you can do in the time remaining.

Remember you probably know more than you think you know.

■ Try to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

■ Get enough sleep and try to stick to a routine.

■ A little bit of anxiety is not a bad thing, it's to be expected and it can actually enhance your performance.

However, let someone know if you're feeling overwhelmed.

■ Take regular breaks.

After a while concentration decreases and you become less productive.

■ When you take a break enjoy it.

Don't spend this time worrying about other things that you should be doing.

■ Always stay positive.

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