When two wheels are too much

Vardys Road Public School year 6 pupil Andrew has found a novel way to get to school.

The school captain rides into the playground on a unicycle each morning, a feat his friends find "cool".

"I started unicycling about two years ago," he said.

"I just like having lots of talents. It's a geeky sort of thing."

Andrew can get to school in less than 10 minutes now that he has swapped walking for pedal power, but says it is harder than using a standard bike.

"There's a bit of uphill and downhill and there are no gears on the unicycle so when you go down a hill you can't let it roll, you have to keep pedalling down," he said.

"It's more for transport, but I do like learning new tricks and stuff."

Andrew is also a magic aficionado and is a regular at school talent quests, where he performs his favourite rope and card tricks.

"I have juggling balls at home and I'm learning to juggle pins at the moment," he said.

Andrew was also on a team of three that competed on It's Academic.

The quiz show for primary school pupils tests their knowledge of English, mathematics, science, geography, sport, music and popular culture.

The episode will air on 7Two later this year.

"It was really fun," he said.

"Some of the questions were quite hard.

"We got to each choose an item that we knew quite well for a spotlight sort of thing.

"I chose the Disney Pixar movie Cars but I didn't get chosen to do it, someone else on my team did.

"I like a lot of Pixar movies because I like animation and drawing."

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