Student leaders: Marayong South Public School

This week's student leaders are from Marayong South Public School. The school's motto is: Endeavor

What is unique about you school?

Kiran Kaur:Everyone looks good because everyone wears the school uniform.

Hannah Branson: We are nice to everyone and no one gets bullied.

Ladell Garland: The teachers and the students because they are super nice and want the best for our future.

Mia Brewer: All the people and teachers are really kind. You always feel welcome when you come to our school

Christina Tabone: All the students and teachers are really nice. The principal is like 1 of us.

Nicholas Morgan:The teachers are funny and the students treat each other well.

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Kiran Kaur: I'm thinking an artist because I like drawing.

Hannah Branson: I want to be a hairdresser.

Ladell Garland: a teacher.

Mia Brewer: I want to study to become a vet.

Christina Tabone: Hairdresser or a teacher.

Nicholas Morgan, C: I want to be a professional soccer player

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Kiran Kaur: Because you get all of the roles and responsibilities.

Hannah Branson: It's important because its not just about doing it because of the badge. We take care of the school.

Ladell Garland: Because you get to help all the students. We have a responsibility to do jobs for the school.

Mia Brewer: Because you have the role of being responsible.

Christina Tabone: Because you get to learn responsibility. We do jobs for teachers and care for students. Its a good responsibility when you're in year six.

Nicholas Morgan:  Its important because people don't get heard so we can speak for them

 If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Kiran Kaur: Have the school go to year 12.

Hannah Branson: Make the school have water slides to get around.

Ladell Garland: A dance studio and teacher.

Mia Brewer: A professional gymnastics teacher.

Christina Tabone: Have a pool and a water slide.

Nicholas Morgan: A bigger soccer field. 

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