Independent candidate for Greenway wants equality for all

An entomologist is forming a new political party for next year’s state election that is aimed at providing all Australians with basic living requirements.

Dr Amarjit Singh Tanda, 61, of Parramatta has run three times without success as an independent candidate for the federal seat of Greenway in Blacktown.

‘‘Commonman’s Party of Australia has emerged in response to community demands for reformation, the need to reduce bills, rebuild the nation and support the people with a secure and productive life and employment for all Australians,’’ he said.

‘‘It will give voters the opportunity to change the disastrous course on which our nation has been steered by inept governments over many years.

‘‘Many people are suffering from lack of a job, high bills for water, power, gas, council rates, medicines, insurance, road taxes, traffic offence fines and tolls.

‘‘We should save money by collecting rain water, use solar energy, collect and recycle our own rubbish and repair our roads.’’

Dr Tanda blamed the Liberal, Labor and National parties for placing too much burden on people.

He said they had made people lazy by doing everything for them and then overcharging everything.

‘‘They don’t plan for people’s future and are more interested in giving themselves big pay increases,’’ he said.

Dr Tanda also attacked council workers saying they have become a burden through their poor work practice.

‘‘Most council roads are damaged, parks are dirty and bills keep on coming without any break,’’ he said.

He said most medicines were also very costly despite the fact many could be imported at less than a quarter of the price from some countries.

Dr Tanda does not believe there is a shortage of doctors and nurses saying many qualified doctors are waiting to be offered a job.

‘‘My party will reform the system to ensure it wouldn’t burden taxpayers and pensioners.

‘‘We want our pensioners to enjoy their remaining lives and young people to be able to work and save money and buy their own houses.’’

For more details call Dr Tanda on 0417271147.   

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