Extra: How to ensure your garden survives the summer holidays

Prepare your garden to survive the hot months.

Prepare your garden to survive the hot months.

Residents are warned to prepare their gardens to survive hot, dry conditions over summer.

Yates horticulturist Angie Thomas said residents can take precautionary measures to ensure lawns, trees, flowers and shrubs are still thriving when they return from holidays.

"If you don't have a neighbour who can tend to your garden while you're away you should set up a watering system or soaker hose on a tap timer," she said.

"Mow the lawn before you leave — but not too low as longer grass dries out less and stays greener during summer.

"It's important to protect trees and plants by spraying them with a protective polymer spray to reduce water loss from the leaves.

"Using a soil wetting agent around the root zone in garden beds will help get water where it's needed by breaking down the waxy water repellent layer that can develop on soil surfaces."

Organic plant food and a 5cm layer of organic mulch can provide slow-release nutrients and limit moisture loss for garden beds and trees.

Group potted plants so watering is easy if someone is minding the garden.

"Put saucers under pot plants to catch excess water which they can draw on during hot days."

Details: yates.com.au.